Use Free Expense Report Templates for Small Business Bookkeeping

The use of expense report templates is an efficient means of streamlining and standardizing the process of reporting business expenses. These templates can be easily downloaded from the Internet, and either customized to fit with a unique business model, or used as-is immediately. Some templates can even be integrated into a company’s internal website, and used for online expense reporting.

 Downloading Expense Report Templates

 Downloading expense report templates is very simple. Many templates are available, including:

  • Templates for reporting local business expenses, such as a business lunch.
  • Templates to report travel expenses- these are typically more elaborate, and include mileage reporting areas.
  • General templates for reporting any work-related expenses, including all of the above.

Example: In order to download this Business Travel Expense Log, follow the link, and click on the “Download” button.


Cookies must be enabled on the destination computer, and the Microsoft Service Agreement must be accepted prior to download. Once this has been accomplished, the form will save to the destination computer, and can then be accessed.

Tracking Expenses with Online Templates

Tracking business expenses with online templates improves speed of reporting as well as reducing errors. In order to allow employees to report expenses online, a template can be made available on the company intranet, or private internal website, in one of two ways.

  • Fill-in the blank template script to be submitted automatically online. This type of template will need to be created by the site’s webdesigner. Once available, the employee can fill in the blanks in an online worksheet, and submit the form for immediate delivery to the accounting department.
  • Online download of the template file for the employee to print out and fill in, or fill in online. This option simply offers the template file, typically an .xls, or Microsoft Excel file, for download to the employee’s computer.

Modification of Excel Templates

  • Modifying a template created in Microsoft Excel can be accomplished by editing the worksheet. Basic edits include the following:
  • Click and drag to expand the size of rows or columns
  • Right-click to select a row, column, or cell to delete or change
  • Select “Format Cell” to make changes within a selected cell, including entering or changing text
  • Right-click on the letters or numbers to select and add or delete rows or columns

After adding or removing columns, rows, or cells, updating information labels or entering expense information, save the template under a new name. This will prevent the updates from being lost during subsequent downloads or modifications.

 Templates in Small Business Bookkeeping

 Templates are a great way to simplify accounting processes, as well as to ensure that all information is provided in expense reports. They can even be modified to fit a business, and provided to employees online for quicker submission. The versatility of expense report templates makes them a good choice for small business bookkeeping.