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Tapping into Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Everybody loves being an entrepreneur. The thrill of starting a new project after executing a well conceived plan is certainly something to talk about. In addition, the respect and adulations that one could receive when one’s ideas fructify into well-run businesses can be truly rewarding. What is unfortunate is that even though many entrepreneurial opportunities […]

Secrets of Sometimes Unscrupulous Entrepreneurial Success

Historically, companies were started and run with the idea that they would endure, grow and create an everlasting stream of prosperity for the founders. Today, a ‘successful’ business idea can run its entire lifespan in a year. No physical store is required, no ‘tight’ profit margins and, ideally, no employees outside your own family. Entrepreneurial […]

Micro Lending Makes Grameen and Microfinance Last Hope of American Working Poor

Microfinance giant Grameen Bank offers microcredit to would-be entrepreneurs. Mostly women avail themselves of micro lending organizations, but any small business owner is welcome. Could micro finance make your business dream come true? What is Microfinance and why is Micro Lending in the News? As compared to the billion dollar loans currently being written in […]

Top Credible Resources Online for Money and Finance

The world of finance is a dynamic ecological system. The investor, money manager and equities analyst must have a grasp of world current events, an understanding of economics, discerning senses of smell and sight, incisive research and interrogation abilities, abject honesty and a level head to blend and separate fact from fiction. This a very […]

How Credit Card Companies Make Their Money

Everyone knows the banks can be quite profitable companies, and that one of their most profitable products that they create is the credit card. They know that consumers will leave balances on their cards and that they will make a great amount of money in interest. This is why they send out six billion credit […]

Repossessing a Privately Purchased Vehicle

It is always a gamble when you agree to finance a vehicle for someone else’s purchase, which is called seller financing. When you finance through a dealership, they have more recourse and more resources when it comes to customers who do not pay their car notes, but when you are a private seller and you […]

Top 10 Financial Experts You Should Be Following on Twitter

@CrownUpdates (Crown Financial Ministries) Crown Financial Ministries is a Christian ministry that teaches financial principles based on the Bible. Follow these tweets for biblically based financial advice. @theRealKiyosaki (Robert Kiyosaki) Robert Kiyosaki is the bestselling author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series. He is also an investor, entrepreneur, and financial education advocate. He tweets […]